Reverse Your Diabetes or Hypertension in 30 days with Shambhallah Healing Center


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A faulty car engine cannot be repaired by simply turning off a red warning light.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries treat your diabetes or hypertension just like the red warning light in a faulty car engine.You aren't treating your diabetes or hypertension when you take diabetes tablets, insulin or hypertensive tablets. 

You are only just treating the red warning lights; high blood sugar, insulin resistance and high blood pressure.

You are therefore invited to be part of Shambhallah Healing Center's 30 days Step by Step Protocol for Diabetes or Hypertension Reversal.

Genevieve Flight; Ancient Healing Initiator @ Shambhallah Healing Center will work directly with you and others who will be part of this process for 30 days to reverse your Diabetes or Hypertension. 

Your readiness to follow this Reversal Protocol exactly as directed means you will be saying goodbye to your Diabetes or Hypertension after 30days. This is a one time non refundable fee and you will be required to follow through the 30days Protocol. 

We will be carrying out our 2 days Online Training to introduce the participants to all the practical steps needed in preparation for the 30 days Reversal Protocol on 23rd - 24th Sept.  After that, participants will be given 5 days to prepare for the 30 days Step by Step Protocol for Diabetes or Hypertension Reversal to start on Saturday 30th September and end on Sunday 29th October 2017.. We are happy to be flexible with your start date if for any special reason, you are unavailable to start on 30th Sept. To sign up, click the Paypal button to pay and register. 

For any questions, please feel free to contact Genevieve Flight on 24hrs UK Mobile/Whatsapp/Viber - +447999960172You can also email - 

Further information will be emailed to you after registration as your 30 days Healing Journal & Online Communication Channel will be created.